“Hi Andy, enjoyed your talk about happiness at the Serious Waffle session yesterday. Great stories and pieces of advice to feel better while making the world a bit warmer (much needed these days).

Thank you”

~ Dom

– – – – – –

“This was a great experience, surrounded by amazing people and 3 extraordinary speaker. I am very impressed. Well prepared executed, presented and brings a blow of fresh air into the room. Loved it. Thank you very much.”

~ John


“Andy is a great workshop facilitator, who mixes humor with practical techniques. I have always come out from his training full of positive energy and motivation to build on the points I learned during his workshop.”

~ Lenka


“I met Andy when I got Involved with PTPI in Brussels. We were part of the initial team that created the PTPI Hub, a place for people to communicate, help and support each other. Andy is the rock for everyone around, providing a safe place if you’re out of breathe and need a break. He is helping so many people through difficult and great times, always there if needed, learning and teaching real life skills. I am grateful for the chance to work with Andy and to watch such an amazing person in action. He always reminds me of the important things in life. Thanks ~ John D”


“Hi Andy,

I just wanted to share with you that I had yesterday a very good presentation experience.

I had been asked to prepare a presentation for a colleague of mine which I did this weekend. It turned out however, that she was not comfortable presenting it alone and wanted to concentrate to a “demo” part of the presentation. So I got the opportunity to help out – presented her to the audience, the topic, what it means for our company and how it fits our current strategy etc. the whole thing took 2 hours with questions.

I took your advise and prepared well and this time wrote down what I wanted to say first word by word, then memorized the start and it all went very smooth.
I was nervous in the beginning, but as I was comfortable with the topic and what I had to say, the nervousness faded away very soon and was not noticed by my audience. Instead my manager called me “natural and confident presenter”.

Thank you again for your blog and the tips! Its funny after years of doing this I can say presenting was finally enjoyable.”

~ Inka


“I’ve never worked with anyone who can challenge traditional thinking to produce subtle differences that result in work and output that is pure brilliance.

An intelligent and creative individual Andy is both a disciplined technical expert and a good motivator and champion of people.

Andy is absolutely honest and trustworthy and I enjoy working with him”

~ John W


“Andy’s workshops are professional. It shows that he has worked with people in different positions, not only as a trainer. He brings a real value for the participant – always something you can “take away”.  I love the subtle British humor and compassion for the group. His workshops are always structured and well prepared, full of exercises motivating the participants to work all the time with him. I often come away with an “AHA” moment of insight from his workshops.”

~ Jana

“I have been around computers almost as long as Bill Gates and in my experience Andy is the most perfect technical coach one could ever wish for.  First of all he listens and is genuinely interested in you and your PC.  Then he usually lets you do the key strokes so you learn unless it is really tricky and your fumbling fingers could create real trouble.  His
knowledge of what is out there is outstanding.

Nothing seems beyond him as he calmly and cheerily sorts out the problems one at a time.  He never confuses me (now that is exceptional!) and always patiently explains what
he is doing leaving tips and hand outs so I know what to do if disaster strikes again.  If you have a PC problem or want to improve your overall knowledge of these complicated little beasts then I can think of no one better to help you.  No I am not his brother or even a distant relative. After a lifetime in business, being bewildered by tee shirted techies I
just recognise consummate knowledge and skill exceptionally delivered when I see it”

~ Chris Kaday
The Goal Guru


I’ve co-managed the Brussels Imagination Club with Andy for more than a
decade and have found him to be an ideal collaborator. He’s creative,
thoughtful and very people-oriented.

In the numerous workshops Andy has presented at the club, Andy has proven
himself a highly competent and professional facilitator and trainer.

~ Jeffrey Baumgartner


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