E-mail Courses on Soft Skills


There is an awful lot of information on the Internet and I know I am just adding to it, but I get a lot of people asking me for hints and tips for workshops, facilitation and training.

So I thought instead of me repeating the same details each time, I would try to get down on paper the most often asked questions and of course some classical information for those who really need the basic info. If you like it enough, I will give more advanced tips and of course I would love your feedback so I can improve the content for you.

What is it?
I call it an e-course. It is a simply set of daily mails that will inform you of a specific subject.  If you sign up for a course, I will send you daily mails for about 30 days (depending on the number of modules) and then you will receive daily snippets that you can use immediately or keep until such time as you need it. I hope to make each useful in itself but all of them together should give you a comprehensive overview of the subject.

Why do it? 
Many reasons, to help others, to spread knowledge, and yes, also to get traffic to my blog and maybe more work out of it. But mainly to help others. I have learned loads of new things from others over the years and so this is pay-back time.

How does it work?
Simple, just sign up for the daily hints and tips using the sign-up link and you will receive the 30 or so daily mails until there are no more. I will never pass on your e-mail address or use it for any nefarious reason, you can unsubscribe at any moment at all.  The course is free but if you wish to buy me a coffee, please do and if you think someone else might like to read the valuable information I send, please forward them one of the mails so they can sign up and take advantage of the info.




Basic Facilitation Skills

What is Facilitation?

Facilitation is the art of leading a team or a meeting as a neutral bystander, a sort of referee, where you get others to follow a process, take responsibility for the eventual outcomes and reach their own conclusions.

Like being a referee at a match, you are not an integral part of the game, but nothing happens without you. It is your job to keep time and also keep everyone focused on the issues to help members reach their objectives or goals. A Facilitators job is to manage the process, everyone else manages the content.

I will send you information on the tools you can use to guide people through their discussions in a step-by-step process.

I will hold your hand, so you can hold the hands of others.

Sign up here:









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