Waffling on, Seriously

What's new in 2017 for the Imagination Club? A Sfabulous series of Public Talks called the Serious Waffle Sessions


A Corporate Imagination Club?

We have been running the Imagination Club for roughly 11 years, Jeffrey and I. When people ask us why we do it, they get all sorts of responses depending on our mood and current thinking. What is true is that it gets us out of the house, it gets us connected to some super, good … Continue reading A Corporate Imagination Club?

How to hold a great workshop

After many years giving, following and arranging hundreds of workshops, I have put together my ideas of what constitutes a great workshop. These notes are not exhaustive and you may have different experiences and also have hints and tips that can help and make any workshop a great experience all round. If you wish to … Continue reading How to hold a great workshop