International Happiness Day 2017

I guess we should all try to think a little bit more about Happiness, especially on a day dedicated to Happiness. Here are my thoughts in the form of a You Tube Video about The Principles of Happiness: With Love and Happiness Andy


Hallowe’en is not the scariest thing in the world -(Hint: Public speaking is)

Public speaking is scary. Making a presentation can be hell for some people. Even hearing the word can make people quake in their boots. I am in the business of hosting, organising, creating and giving presentations and workshops, I get to speak to a lot of people about this topic and know lots of people thoroughly dislike it. So I thought I’d pass on some of what I know. I hope it helps. Note: This post is not about crafting a workshop, just things you can do to be a better, less nervous presenter.

How to hold a great workshop

After many years giving, following and arranging hundreds of workshops, I have put together my ideas of what constitutes a great workshop. These notes are not exhaustive and you may have different experiences and also have hints and tips that can help and make any workshop a great experience all round. If you wish to … Continue reading How to hold a great workshop