About Andy

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Andy likes to call himself a Host, Trainer and Facilitator as far as work goes, but really he does much much more. So I guess he is a multipotentialist. (Aren’t we all) He can turn his hand to many things. His kids think he should be a baker or be the school cook (school dinners can always be improved upon).

His passion is to help ordinary people live extraordinary lives via a series of thought-provoking and uplifting workshops that are designed to get people to another level in their lives. He does this using his own methodology  based on the years of experience he has built up running workshops himself. (Experience his work by coming to the Imagination Club in Brussels).

He is also part of the Fear and Fail team Brussels, organising Fear & Fail events that bring out the emotion in personal stories to bring speakers closer to their audience. breaking barriers and creating empathy.


In previous lives he has been a hairdresser, a cook, a deckhand, a barman, a waiter, a driver, painter (houses),  trainer (IT related stuff), a facilitator, a coach, a host, a listener, a father, a husband, a handyman, an IT consultant, a dreamer, a traveller, a writer (poems and children’s stories) and so many other things to many different people.

Andy combines all of the skills he has picked up over the years and puts these into good use with everything he does. He also helps support a social community initiative (PTPI) helping others to achieve their dreams, move on, thrive, blossom and bloom. There comes a time in everyone’s life where giving is the same as getting. Andy believes that he can only get where he wants to be by helping others do the same.

He welcomes all discussions and thoughts and would love it if you want to share with him what your journey has been about or if you are about to embark on your own journey.

If he had to give only one piece of advice to someone, it would be to Travel.

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