Nostalgia, it ain’t what it used to be…

During an ad hoc decluttering session, I came across a few old letters (some from dear old mum, sniff sniff) and some photo’s (Be careful, I may post some old pics of people I know out there…). So I excitedly set about hunting down and contacting some of those delightful people and to my surprise some of them got back to me immediately. Last night I had a Skype call with one of them, an old friend with whom I had not spoken in at least 25 years, if not longer. They had been part of my life that was such an adventure. (I worked on a private yacht in Mallorca and they were friends of the owners).

It was fantastic. We laughed, joked, caught up, shared stories of what has happened in the meantime (some people had passed away, some moved on, others disappeared from view).

It was also as if we had spoken just the day before, it felt so natural, the voice was the same, we just (re)connected.

We made a vow to catch up sometime face-to-face, but couldn’t decide where. They now live in Seattle, but come regularly to Avignon in France via Paris, so maybe we will meet there. I have plans to go to Canada to visit my son Luke, so maybe it will be there. The important thing is that we meet up.

So, although I had had a few sad reflective moments earlier on, the happiness I felt at reconnecting by far made up for that temporary dip.

Many Happiness experts these days say that the strongest indicator of happiness is the quality of our relationships with others. The more we connect with others and surround ourselves with friends and family, the longer we live, the healthier we are and the happier we can be.

I heartily recommend you take a look back at your life and see who is missing and send them an e-mail, an SMS, a letter or postcard or call them now!

With love



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