Meaningful job? or dull as dishwater?

According to recent news, 1 in 3 Fleming’s don’t find their job meaningful.

A study from the Antwerp Management School shows that people who find their work meaningful are often willing to work longer and harder. Sadly though, many companies do not care about getting or giving feedback from or to their staff.

The research team surveyed nearly 48,000 employees and focused on four pillars:

1) Full utilisation of people’s talents

2) Autonomy

3) Whether or not they liked their job, and

4) If they felt the company supported them and listened to them

Only 5 percent experienced meaning in any one of the four pillars. 14 percent scored high on two or three pillars and about as many people only one pillar.

The vast majority, almost 70 percent of respondents, excels only in one of the four pillars. Generally that means one in three employees have a job that has little or no meaning for them, therefore they feel unfulfilled.

For people that score well on all four pillars, they would be happy to continue until retirement. (Duh!)

The biggest problem, according to the study is the lack of independence and feedback from many companies. Employers can actually do something about it by giving their employees more autonomy and to work towards a true feedback culture. Especially with regard to the latter, many companies score very low.

If this is the case, (and based on my personal experience), then it can be up to the employee to find a solution. 

There are several things one can do;

  • Change company (rather drastic)
  • Change the job within the company (a sideways move?)
  • Prepare well and ask for a meeting to discuss the situation and see how things can be improved. (Take the initiative yourself)
  • Carry on, getting more and more despondent.
  • Take charge of a non-functioning team?  (Guerrilla tactics)
  • Do things outside the job that fulfil any creative or other need.
  • Take action and do something about it (see below)

To find out which of these options you could take, you need a lot of careful thought and some self-discovery. All is possible.

Does that ring a bell?

Do you feel as though you are in a rut and have lost some confidence?

Has your get-up-and-go got-up-and-went? Or are you just not sure what it is you could or should be doing?

Or are you at the extreme end of your tether and worried about stress or eventual burnout?

Sometimes it take a brave move to take stock and work out your strengths and values and move onto something else that makes you come alive or at least make it through the day without feeling dreadful.

There are many techniques and thoughts on how to do this, I like to use a visual methodology with some powerful questions and take people on a journey from their past to their future all the while working on what motivates them and working out what their strengths and values are so they can find something that fulfils them.

Does this sound like you?

Would you like to talk about it, to see if I can help you find your niche?

Mail me:

With Love


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