Think of your life as a map

I read a comment the other day on Twitter, it read: Think of your life as a map”, So I did.

And, let me tell you, I soon realised  it was no Roman Road that I was on…

The first part looks as though Zig and Zag and I were childhood buddies and the latter part of the map is just one giant roundabout.

One that I had been indicating to leave for years, but never had the courage to turn the wheel enough to go somewhere else.

I had been going round and round, indicating all the while and mostly staying in the outside lane, being made dizzy by the centrifugal force that was obviously clouding my judgement.

The view was somewhat comforting though, I was left to my own devices, and I somehow made the journey as comfortable as possible, but found myself not wanting to get off the treadmill as I was unsure what was down any of the roads, after many years of this though, I saw more and more road rage and other disgruntled drivers until one day I found out that the roundabout was going to be changed anyway and so I had to leave, the only choice was, which road to take?

Did I just turn the wheel and take a chance? Did I have to find another roundabout down the road or should I look for the road less travelled but where others of a similar ilk to myself had gathered and were beating their own path to go towards something exciting?

I didn’t have a giant roadmap to look at, the only thing I could do was to slow down a little and see which road would take me to somewhere where I did more of what I liked doing and less of the soul destroying circling round the roundabout that was corporate hell.

I looked at the earlier parts of my life map and saw that there was no real main direction to the previous routes taken, there were lots of different destinations and places visited along the way and blind alleys gone down. But the thing is, I now know that wherever the map had taken me, wherever I had been and whomever I had met and whatever I had experienced, It has made me who I am today (basic stuff huh!), I also noticed that I had been used to taking a complete change of direction at times, and nothing really bad had happened.

The lesson here of course is ‘Be You, the world will adapt’. Another thing was that I knew I had to head away from my comfort zone, the speed limit was too slow, there was too little excitement and the mini-road trips I had taken on the Triumph Storm were calling my name, time to stop ignoring these voices..

Ultimately though, I know in my heart that I had stayed on that roundabout for too long and gotten so used to it, it really was time to take a new road. So I did.

I am now on the road to somewhere else, not sure where exactly, I know what I am looking out for though. There are lots of lay-bys I can park in, lots of new people to meet along the way, there are few signposts though, so I have to do a lot of asking and learning as I go.

It seems that whilst I was on the roundabout, the world had changed somewhat, now there were new ways of driving, new ways of negotiating junctions and lots and lots of little roads and lanes that I could go down. Some ran parallel and even sometimes met before going off at a tangent. That is exciting.

I think the best thing for me is to take a few of these roads, see where they lead and take at least part of the journey with other fellow travellers and share the joy of the unknown, share the risk, share life’s ups and downs and make the journey as splendid as possible for everyone.

Thanks for listening, i’m off now, anybody want to join me for the ride?  

It’s going to be interesting at the very least.

And once I have learned a few new things, I would love to be able to share those things with you. I’ll tell you all about them as I discover them.

If you want to be kept up to date on these adventures or want to come along or take your own journey and want to share how you do it, send me a mail and let’s get the ball rolling

Beep beep  All aboard!



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