Paying it forward / Random Acts of Kindness


The Pay It Forward foundation was established in September 2000 by Catherine Ryan Hyde.

The philosophy of Pay It Forward is that through acts of kindness among strangers, we all foster a more caring society.

Maybe you have seen the short movies that show people doing very small acts of kindness and each person doing their own spontaneous act of kindness on other people, thereby paying it forward. You may even have heard of the act of buying a coffee for someone else to pick up if they can’t afford it.

Here is one example:

I love this entire concept and practice as often as I can. (not the coffee, just helping people)

In order to concretise the initiative, it is suggested that you purchase Pay-It-Forward bracelets and every time you do something for someone (without expecting anything back) you pass on a bracelet to remind them.

I do this on a regular basis and even when I hold workshops that include empathy or mentioning doing some random act of kindness I often hand out Bracelets to re-inforce the idea.

But here’s the great thing, you don’t need bracelets, you don’t need permission, you don’t need to spend any money whatsoever, simply get out there and help people. Pick up that stray bit of litter on the ground, pull that weed out of the path, help that lady with her pushchair up the stairs, pay someone a coffee, give the person behind you the stamps or discounts of any freebies you get from the supermarket as you pay your bill. Heck, even pay someone else’s dinner (I did that last year, for someone who just lost his brother,) it feels great to make someone’s day.

The pay It Forward effect may not be instantaneous, I get feedback all the time from people and it never ceases to amaze me, here is a FB comment I received recently.

When will you start paying it forward?  Will you join me?

With love



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