Time to start monkeying around

This week, I was interviewed for a podcast and it really got me thinking.
The topic was about people who are going through a life/job change, whether self induced (as in my case) or because of reorganisation/downsizing/burnout etc.
When the shit hits the fan and you start having these random panicky thoughts and you realise that the situation is unhealthy and surely can’t carry on, you have to start re-evaluating your entire life situation.
We all know that change has to come, but we still resist it. I know I did for many years. I kept talking about not feeling good and planning to do something about it, but never got around to it somehow.
That was until the end of last year, someone once said to me that I should look at it as if I am Tarzan, clinging on to a vine, swinging back and forth, back and forth, I will stay in that position until I let go of that one vine and grab the next one, letting go of the previous vine.
It is definitely a huge risk. What if the next vine isn’t attached properly? what if I let go? what if I’ve grabbed the wrong vine and it doesn’t take me in the right direction? So many ‘What ifs’.
The thing is, with the right planning and the right support network and at least some thought, it can be done. Yes, you heard me, it can be done.
Right now I am onto my next vine and actually it feels good, I am mid-swing so I don’t yet know where the vine will take me, but the view is fantastic and i have met some wonderful people on the way so far and expect to meet even more.
One of the problems is that we tend to let our jobs define who we are, we like to have a title or a hat so that we can tell people who we are by what we do and also so that people can put us into a nice safe box.
I have never really known what I wanted to be when I grew up (maybe i’ve not yet grown up…).
I have had many hats and been put into many boxes, multiple boxes even, and I guess different people know me for different things, which in the end is fine. Society struggles a little with that, but my motto is ‘be yourself, the world will adjust’, and it works for me.
So, If you are currently feeling the need to stop the world and take a leap of faith by grabbing the next vine, my questions for you are the following:
What is it precisely that is stopping you?
What would help you to make the leap?
How can others help and support you?
Can I help in any way?
If you want to even discuss the idea, connect with me and we can see where it leads. I’m a good listener. That’s already a great start.
With love

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