How to hold a great workshop

After many years giving, following and arranging hundreds of workshops, I have put together my ideas of what constitutes a great workshop. These notes are not exhaustive and you may have different experiences and also have hints and tips that can help and make any workshop a great experience all round. If you wish to … Continue reading How to hold a great workshop


2 bits of advice….

I always say that (if anyone asks me) the two main pieces of advice I would give to the youth of today (or anybody really). Work in a bar or restaurant (it helps build your people skills enormously) Travel They say travel broadens the mind, and I must say I agree with whoever 'they' are. … Continue reading 2 bits of advice….

Backup your PC, now… right now… JFDI

As I sit here at my desk with the external hard disk at the ready, I ponder what everybody else does when backing up their PC. As far as I am aware the percentage of you guys making regular back-ups is as close to zilch as is humanly possible. Every year I get calls from … Continue reading Backup your PC, now… right now… JFDI