Putting it out there

It’s a funny thing writing a blog. I have so many thoughts and so many things to say that it would be impossible to write it all down, and indeed for what purpose.

Of course, not everything I think or say should be shoved in peoples faces, so I guess I will have to practice moderation and stick to things that people may or may not want to read.

So please enjoy the things I post, I hope they will spark some interest and provoke thought on occasion, I may even rant once in a while, as we all need a space to vent our spleen, but I will try to limit that.

The main purpose of this blog is to put out there my thoughts on facilitation, training and generally running any sort of workshop.

I have studied and followed many different methods over the years and hope that some of what I post will help you either in what to do or even what not to do.  It’s all about sharing what I have learned and my thoughts.





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